Wednesday, November 21, 2007

UConn and CBU

The season just started and I'm already slacking off.

Let's talk about UConn. The first half of the first half? Was the most beautiful exhibition of Memphis basketball EVER. I was giddy watching it. Of course, then the refs joined in and before long, after shooting 23 free throws to our THREE, UConn was back in it, but the Tigers still put the Huskies in their place by the end. It was nice to see the Tigers hold on and not give up, like they might have in the past. Also? CDR is my pretend basketball boyfriend. Joey Dorsey is too. They're all my pretend basketball boyfriend. I am in love with the Tigers.

I didn't see the CBU game, it wasn't on TV out here. Coach Cal wasn't happy, and he canceled the players' Thanksgiving break. It's one of those issues with getting fired up against a team that you can easily crush. It's hard to do.

The next game is Tuesday against Austin Peay, again not to be televised in my neck of the woods. If you're in Memphis, it's on WLMT.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Well then. Like I said last week, a Win is a Win. And I'm sorry, but Joey Dorsey? Not the same Joey Dorsey that got schooled by Greg Oden last year. That? Was Mr. Dorsey.

Derrick Rose... I could see the flashes-- of what is to come-- pure greatness. But last night he seemed a little over-excited, maybe trying to live up to all the hype in his first nationally televised game? But still, the kid is remarkable. He'll have to start knocking down free throws, I imagine he'll find himself on the line quite a bit.

And, I hate to be rude, but... that Oklahoma guy? You know, their "great" freshman? He was unfortunate looking.

Did anyone notice that during the game, ESPN didn't change the graphics, and the UConn husky picture was next to "Memphis" on the score? And the Gardner Webb whatever-that-was was next to "Oklahoma."

Anyway, it's all on for tonight-- Tigers vs. Huskies. Calipari vs. Calhoun. The Tigers are favored by 9. The game is scheduled to air on ESPN2 at approximately 8:30pm ET, after Oklahoma plays Gardner Webb.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Next stop, NYC (I mean, after CBU)

I guess last night's game wasn't exactly what we were hoping for, but a W is a W last I checked. So now we await the winner of Kentucky's game, and play again next week in NYC.

I have to say that reading this article about Derrick Rose got me all excited. I heart Geoff Calkins anyway, and the fact that he sounds psyched about this kid? I'll follow that lead. I didn't see all of either of the first two games, but I saw enough of Rose to believe.

Then I watched SportsCenter last night, and when Digger Phelps appeared, I actually looked at my husband and said, "Oh, here we go." Cause The Dig always likes to talk crap about the Tigers. But he and the other guys ALL agreed that Derrick Rose is a freshman that can lead his team to a championship. Oh holy hell, if THEY think so? It's either the apocalypse or this kid, this nineteen-year-old from Chicago, is really REALLY just as good as everyone says. And I'm more than willing to go along for the ride.

Questions: Why did Antonio Anderson change his number? It confused me. I kept seeing "5" and thinking Jeremy Hunt, realizing it couldn't be Hunt, and wondering who the new guy was. I figure there's a reason, I just wonder what it is.

Also? Why were the Tigers wearing blue Monday night? Were we not the home team? Just wondered.

Monday, November 5, 2007

UT Martin- Finally!

Today's the day! Today's the day! Today's the day we can finally get down to business. I'm less than pleased the Tigers ended up as #3 in both the AP and the coaches' polls. That's lame. But it gives us something to strive for, I guess. Two spots up. Tarheels shmarheels.

So tongiht the Tigers play UT-Martin. Really? This is how we're going to kick off what should be THE GREATEST SEASON EVER? Okay. Baby steps. But we are favored by 37 points.

On the other hand, as Jim Masilek said yesterday:
History, however, shows that the Tigers' fortunes have varied wildly in the face of high expectations. For every smashing success -- the Final Four runs in '73 and '85 are obvious examples -- there is an equally spectacular failure to serve as a warning. Drexel, anyone?
You don't have to tell me. I was there for that Drexel debacle. I witnessed it, up close and personal. And it sucked. So I should know better than to have my hopes this high. But I can't help it! If you need help getting excited, think about this: 2 seasons, 2 Elite Eights, 66 wins, and? Derrick Rose. Read this article, or for a longer, historical perspective, this article. If you need help coming down from the rafters, you can read this one:

Dorsey may be the most important player on the team. Rose is more gifted, certainly. Chris Douglas-Roberts will score more points. But there's only one position where Memphis doesn't have a proven backup. That position is the one occupied by Dorsey. Does that make you sleep well at night?