Thursday, January 4, 2007


Explain to me how this happened. I used to eagerly anticipate the Cincinnati game each year. Once (in 2001) I couldn't sleep for a few days I was so psyched. That night, after we lost by one point on a last second shot, I nearly cried. There was much Goldschlager consumed that night. I loved (loved!) the rivalry. I hated (hated!) the Bearcats. Their fans were evil. Their band obnoxious. Their coach... well, it was Bob Huggins.

Today? I don't care much. Is it because Huggins is gone? Is it because Cincy is not in C-USA anymore? Is it because the Tigers are favored by 16 points? Probably all of the above, but tonight the Syracuse-Pitt game will probably be more exciting.

Did you see that? I just jinxed us probably. Oops.

The game is at 8pm CT, and airs on ESPN.

Update: Wow. That was interesting. I'd like to say I saw the whole game, but it got so boring that ESPN switched to a different game. Final Score: Memphis 88, Cincinnati 55. Geoff Calkins tells me the crowd was rowdy, Joey Dorsey made it through the game without one single foul, and Jeremy Hunt went 6 for 7 from 3-point range. So maybe it'll carry over to the rest of the season. Maybe I can allow myself to get excited again. But it's a little bit odd, I still don't feel as fired up as I thought I would.

The next game is next Thursday at Houston.

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