Saturday, November 15, 2008

And... we're off!

Another year is here, and the Tigers play tonight at 7pm CT. Against Fairfield. Dunno anything about Fairfield, but I do know that the Tigers are ranked #12 and #13 in the pre-season polls, and favored by 19.5 tonight. So that's good.

Since I haven't posted since, you know, April, I considered doing a little reminiscing, a little discussion of San Antonio, a little analysis of what went wrong... But it breaks my heart too much, so I won't. I will only look forward to what could be this year, and also grateful for all the excitement of last season, my first trip to a Final Four, and basically, the thrill of victory and agony of defeat. It was a better year than all the other teams (but one). And I will never forget it.

Now. It's time for a new year and another chance. I'm looking forward to the roller coaster.

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Douglas said...

Check out this cheer two little Memphis girls did for the Tigers (it's great). Please pass it along to all the Tiger fans. The girls are very close to winning the viewership prize!