Sunday, February 22, 2009

What a Difference a Year Makes

I spent the day re-reading the posts I wrote last season. All the way back to October, when I made my reservations for San Antonio (which turned out to not be a jinx at all and came in quite handy), I knew that last year was something special. I didn't know much about Derrick Rose, but I knew that people were amazed by him. I knew we were expected to do great things. Knowing this made it worse. The season was stress-ridden for me. Every game was cause for anxiety. And when I finally made the trip to San Antonio, it was amazing. It was entirely worth spending the money I didn't have. It was also worth the disappointment at the outcome. But the weekend itself was amazing, and it will be a great memory that will last my lifetime.

This season? This season has been different from the beginning. I didn't blog much (or at all, really) this year. I didn't pay nearly as close attention to what was going on. Yes, I read the Commercial Appeal every day. And I watch the games that I can. But this was supposed to be a rebuilding year, nobody expected much, we were supposed to be incredibly lucky to make the Sweet Sixteen, if even that. So I wasn't investing nearly as much energy. And then... something happened. They found a point guard. They started winning. And they didn't stop.

The Tigers now #5 in one poll and #6 in the other. Tomorrow, they will likely rise at least one spot, and have the potential to rise two. Other teams are losing. But not the Tigers. Most bracketologists think we're a lock for a 2 seed. We're closing in a 1 seed. And it's happening without people noticing. We're not on national TV as much this year (except for this Thursday on ESPN2, 8pm CT), and we've been under the radar for the most part.

Hubert Davis thinks we're going to the Final Four, though he's just about the only one right now. But I wouldn't best against it at this point.

Even if it isn't supposed to be our year.

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