Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bored. And sad.

I don't get CSS out here. I certainly don't get WLMT. I didn't see the Siena game. Or Pepperdine. Or ECU. Or Marshall. And I won't see Rice tonight. Or Southern Miss on Saturday. Fortunately, I do have CSTV, so I can watch next Wednesday's game against Tulsa (and several of the remaining games), and of course the Gonzaga game and Tennessee game are both of ESPN. The early season was awesome because almost every game was on national television. I miss my Tigers.

My only consolation is the Gametracker, where you can watch little player icons shoot and rebound. But it's not the same.

That is all.

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Fresh Girl said...

It's horrible that you can't see the Tigers on their way to doing that which we don't want to say out loud! But I watched for you tonight and thought your name over and over. ;)