Friday, January 25, 2008

Zags Schmags

I would lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous about tomorrow's game against Gonzaga. I haven't pulled myself back from the ledge. But I'm confident-- it's not that I think they'll lose, it's just that I'm nervous because they could. If we had lost one early game, it wouldn't feel so vital that they keep doing it, right? I mean, there's a reason so many people want the Patriots to lose, and that same reason has many cheering against the Tigers now.

I saw this little video this morning on YouTube. "Bring your five, it can't get better than this; You can't win, your five ain't even better than their bench." "Please Memphis, don't beat us no more." Hee.

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Fresh Girl said...

I'm a little nervous, too. I told my dad that and he said he wasn't. I reminded him that they had a little trouble with Tulsa the other night, but he said that teams sometimes play down to their opponents level. He's expecting them to come out on fire against the Zags. I hope so!